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September 29, 2007


judith forbes

hi my name is judith can i get the pre-printedpanelsfor the teddy bear sampler. were can i get itfrom.can ring meon 94655344

Sue Barreau

Hi, I would love to buy all of your designs, I just adore all of them. I have an ABN, and I do buy wholesale through companies like Creative Abundance, Birch Haberdashery and many others. Is it possible to buy directly from you? Or do I have to get any of your designs from Mrs Martins Quilt Shop? Thanks, and keep up the fabulous designs! Regards, Sue.


Hi Sue,
Do you have a business or are you buying them for yourself only.

Also which designs are you interested in...

hope to hear back



Hi Jo
Maggie and I had a lovely time on Saturday at "Girls Day Out" and I wanted to tell you what fun we had. We were very impressed with the enthusiastic help you got from your family, and also Libby's. Hope you were not too exhausted. Take care, cheers Val. (Your mums neighbour and friend)


Hi Jo its Connie, I payed for a pattern at Monbulk Quilt Show in March and I was wondering if it was in the mail yet?

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